Guide to Safe and Sound Buying of ESO Gold

There is a lot of confusion surrounding buying of gold for Elder Scrolls Online, which is understandable considering the dangers and conflicting information in the gaming world. A lot of true stories of being ripped off and robbed of account access tends to be mixed with angry, often fictional, stories of what happens when a person buys gold.

The truth is that, taking a few precautions can keep your gold purchases, account and finances relatively safe. Gold buying and Internet security in general doesn’t have to mean interacting with dangerous hackers. By following a few steps, you can purchase without compromising your system.

Never Allow Others to Use Your Account

It may seem convenient and tempting, but a gold selling site that needs your account access to give you gold is up to something. With your login information, information can be changed in order to steal your ESO account.

While it’s possible to get your account back by reporting a hack attempt, your account may be lost forever. If you report the account soon enough there may be a chance to catch the thief before too much time goes by, but a game company has many angles to consider when it comes to security.

Are you really the original account holder? You may know the truth, but unless you personally know staff members at your favorite game’s company, there is no way for account specialists to know for sure. You could just as likely be a hacker trying to steal account information by pretending to be the owner.

Avoid all of the hassle by being smart from the beginning; never allow others to access your account information. Most reputable gold sales companies will trade face-to-face or use an auction house system to transfer funds.

Guide to Safe and Sound Buying of ESO Gold

Update Your Computer Security

An anti-virus program such as AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials or NOD32 can help you avoid malware launched by companies with less than honest practices. In addition to having an anti-virus installed, consider using an Internet browser with security capabilities.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are just a few browsers with independent development focusing on security. For a bit of added protection, consider installing Adblock Plus to the browser in order to hide advertisement links that may lead to a virus. If a website needs you to turn off Adblock, it is as simple as following the instructions to allow a specific website.

Never Answer In-game Advertisements

A whisper log or in-game mail is a paper trail. If game staff has reason to suspect you or a gold selling company, having a log of chat conversations is pretty much a nail in the coffin for the account.

If you have a favorite seller, get their contact information from the gold sales website. Use an email address that you use only for game currency purposes, and preferably not your email address registered with the game.

By being careful and avoiding a few basic pitfalls, your account and computer can be a bit more safer when dealing with Elder Scrolls Online gold selling companies.


How To Avoid Scam When Buying Elder Scrolls Online Gold

The Internet has been identified as the right place to visit whenever you want to purchase cheap Elder scrolls online Gold. This can be attributed to the fact that it can be easily accessed at any time and from wherever you are without any hitches. Elder Scrolls online is an ideal game that you really need to look out for if you truly like MMOs. The game will be launched in early 2014 on Xbox, PS4 and PC. However, there are several things about this game that you need to know in order to avoid falling into the trap of scammers. When you know what to expect when it comes to buying scroll online, you will be in a better position to get the best, thus giving you an upper hand.

Today, there are many individuals who strive to illegally earn from game developers even before the games are released. Such people mainly pose as genuine game vendors and developers with very impressive deals but in reality, are not licensed to do that. Buying from them is always not recommended since they sell pirated games of very poor quality.

In fact, some do not even have the games that they list on the sites. The biggest challenge that most people are often faced with is identification of the scams. Telling the difference between genuine game vending sites and illegal ones can be very tricky.

In order for you to avoid scam when buying Elder scrolls online Gold, there are certain factors that you have to consider. Despite the great anticipation that you may be waiting the game in, do not be in a hurry since that is what has confused several people in the past. Take your time and follow the guidelines provided below in order to ensure that you are not conned into buying fake Elder scrolls online Gold.

Do background check-up of the vendor

It is true that there are numerous online gaming vendors that sell Elder Scrolls online Gold. However, it is advisable that you first do some background checks on the vendor to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of fraudsters. You should take time to read the reviews of a couple of online eso gold vendors of the game so as to determine the genuine one. Reviews are testimonials from people who have bought games from the vendors before and can be useful in choosing the right one to purchase from which you could check them easily from

The vendor with the highest number of positive testimonials should be the right one to get the game from in order to prevent becoming a victim to scammers. You can also obtain referrals from other gamers to help whenever you want to buy Elder Scrolls online Gold. You can be sure of getting honest opinion in regard to the same since friends can prove to be reliable at all times.

Take time to read terms and conditions

Most people do not even read the terms and conditions of the online stores that they buy from. In order to avoid scam, it is important that you spare moments to carefully read them in order to know what you are getting into early enough. Failure to read them, you may only find out later on that you paid money for something that you have no interest on. Only click on the ‘I accept’ button after reading and confirming that you are comfortable with them.

Genuine vendors will give you a chance of canceling your order and so be careful with those that do not have that offer. In case the vendor refuses to negotiate a refund with you, it is advisable that you contact your credit card provider in order to avoid losing money.

Do not just follow all the links from social sites

Most scammers today know that a good number of gamers and Internet users spend a lot of time on social network sites like Twitter, Facebook among others. Thus, they often post links on the sites to attract unsuspecting buyers. Whenever you get any links for buying Elder Scrolls online Gold, you need to first read the person’s profile in order to know the origin. If the link has been posted by Twitter users who follow so many people but have few followers, do not click on it since most of such are scams.

Avoiding scam can be very challenging since you cannot instantly ascertain a genuine Elder scrolls online Gold vendor and a fake one. However, you just need to be keen and gather as much information as you can at hand. It is even advisable that you visit the website of the developer in order to get the right information that can shield you from being a victim of scammers. With these in place, you can be assured of getting the best online. Experience the best gaming online and smile all the way.


Ultimate Skills and Synergies in Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Ultimate Skills

First of all, you will need Finesse Points to use Ultimate Skills in the Elder Scrolls Online. Basically, Finesse Points are something that is new to MMOs. It’s forcing you to achieve and do well in dungeons. Basically, the better you perform in a dungeon, the more Finesse Points you get, and you’ll get XP bonuses. One examaple is Guild Wars 2, where if you do an event and you perform well, you’ll get a bronze, silver, or a gold rating. Based on what your rating was, you get either more points, more XP, or you get better loot. It’s the same thing in the Elder Scrolls Online. If you’re in a dungeon and you’re fighting a boss, you’re forced to perform. Using your block time, and things like ‘Interrupting enemies using synergy’ can maximize your efficiency and increase your Finesse. Basically, the more pro you are, the more rewards you’re going to get. It’s definitely worth putting the effort in, rather than just chilling back.

An exact opposite is a scenario in World of Warcraft where you load the Recount, and one of your DPSers is on 4% and the healer’s on 6%, and you’re thinking, “Why is this DPS not doing as much damage as everyone else?” It’s obviously they’re slacking because they know that.



Next stop is Synergy. One of the most efficient way to describe it is going back to another MMO game. On Guild Wars 2, if you think of the way you put a spell down on the ground, then you cast a fireball through it and it gives that fireball an effect. For example, someone shoots an arrow through the fireball and it would light the arrows. Or a warrior would do a spinning attack and it would add a fire attack to it. With Elder Scrolls Online, it’s very similar. If you can put down an oil slick on the ground, your magic classes can then light the oil slick on fire and obviously cause area damage with that oil slick. Mobs have the ability to do this, as well. Mobs can actually use synergies against you helping gameplay perspective to be a lot more interesting! It’s certain that classes will be able to mix with other classes, but because of the diversity of the way the class system works, together with varying class structure, it’s going to be really interesting to see how far the game developers will go with this. 

How to Get The Elder Scrolls Gold You Deserve

There is no better feeling than getting some free time, logging into Elder Scrolls Online, having your way with hordes of wolves, bears, skeletons, and even a vampire or werewolf here and there. Your spells dominate, your weapons cleave mercilessly, your armor is nigh impenetrable, and at the end of it all you sell your hard earned loot for precious gold. Gold you’ve been saving to put toward that new weapon, armor or enchantment. It’s a true sense of gratification and a euphoric gaming experience. That is, of course, until your friends and guild mates start discussing the epic gear dropped by the dragon lying dead at their incredibly armored feet.


Of course you would have joined them in the quest, but your toon wasn’t equipped well enough. Not yet anyway. Once you get enough gold from these gold farming techniques, you will be a leading contributor in those quests your companions rave about night after night. You just need more time. But how do other players find the time to amass the fortune they need in order to buy that awesome gear, all without wasting hour after hour in a grueling grind for gold?

Simple. They buy it.

The ability to buy in-game currency for online games has existed long before Elder Scrolls Online, and will continue long after. As online games become more in-depth—offering rich world histories, vast lands to explore, and complex cultures for players to immerse themselves within—the amount of time required for funding a character to participate in these features is not conducive to the schedules of most players. Hence, the recent increase in online game currency distributors. For the cost of a few real world dollars, you can provide your Elder Scroll’s character with enough gold to fully explore everything the game has to offer.

Of course, looking to gain an advantage within the game can lead uninformed players down a path of scam artists, looking to gain an advantage of their own. Knowing this it is integral to follow a few precautions.

As mentioned earlier, there are a large number of online retailers eager to accept your hard earned, and taxable, dollars in exchange for Elder Scrolls Online gold. A quick Google search to buy cheap TESO gold will provide more than 17 million results. It is essential to narrow down what you should look for from a company before committing to purchase a virtual item from them.

First, take the time to browse all the different retailers offering gold for sale. You should get an idea of the current market value of the game currency. Or you could head over to to check eso prices for all reliable shops. If you notice a particular retailer is offer gold in lots far cheaper than any other seller, keep the old adage in mind: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. However, seeing exactly what many different retailers are offering their gold for will allow you to make a more informed purchase.

Another aspect to seek out is peer, or consumer, reviews of the online store. Obviously the store’s website will have choice reviews peppered throughout in an attempt to make customers feel more comfortable buying through their site. These will be hand-picked reviews. Take the time to research beyond the website and see what other consumers have to say about them.

Also, don’t hesitate to establish a line of communication with the gold distributor before you commit to a purchase from them. If a business is not willing to speak amicably with a prospect, what are the odds they will deal with an unsatisfied customer?

Many of the online game currency distributors will also provide some type of “trust verification” badge or logo on their website such as logo from MMOBUX. Whether it is a known affiliation, such as the Better Business Bureau, or a community trusted organization, like the TrustWho affiliation, these quickly verified associations allow consumers to easily test the integrity and reputation of the business.

The next time you log in to Elder Scrolls Online, don’t allow yourself to get discouraged by all the amazing and song worthy adventures your friends are having without you. Find a reputable gold distributor, get the gear that your character deserves, and get involved in the action the game developers intended you to experience. Become the epic hero that Elder Scrolls has been waiting for. If you want to farm gold yourself, this article might help you.


Guilds and Public Dungeon

The more information becomes available for Elder Scrolls Online, the more I get excited about it. When I first heard about the Elder Scrolls Online, I thought it’s going to be a generic MMO. The more and more details that we look into, it is starting to come out as a bit of a change than the normal pace.

Basically, the idea behind the Elder Scrolls Online is that each of the faction is trying to elect someone to be the Emperor of Cyrodiil. You can actually do that. Once you fight to get control of Cyrodill, you can actually elect by determining who does the most damage during the actual fight for Cyrodiil. What does it say here? ‘Once your alliance takes the city, the player that contributes the most during the entire war will become the new Emperor of Tamriel. Details of contributions are not yet being released. Becoming the emperor is more like being on top of an online leader board.’ At the moment, there’s not a lot of details about what you get from being the emperor. Basically, it’s the person who contributes the most. Obviously, it’s using a Finesse system to elect the person. You don’t have to be the top leader of a big clan, so it does give pretty much everyone the opportunity to become the emperor, rather than you’ve got to join a guild and work your way up for months and years.

Another awesome thing that I’ve heard is that, basically, the Imperials are going to be a part of the Elder Scrolls Online but they’re not going to be a playable team that you can join. Maybe you can join them, I don’t know. For now, they’ve just said that they’re not playable. What they are doing is they’ve aligned themselves with Mammimarco, the Altmer Necromancer. What he does is form the alliance with the Imperials of Cyrodiil and the game says, ‘And the Tharn Family to bring Tamriel back under Imperial rule. However, it is a front to what he’s really planning.’ Mannimarco is actually working with Molag Bal to drag Tamriel to Cold Harbor to rule alongside the Daedric Prince.


What’s going to happen is if any of you have played Rift where you get rifts appearing randomly over the map; it’s a similar concept with the Elder Scrolls Online. What you can do is randomly throughout Tamriel, you’ll get these dark anchors that appear; a rift that will come out the sky, like a big anchor, and there’ll be like mobs. You get waves of mobs, basically, they keep coming out and you have to fight them. They haven’t released much information about it, but once you basically fight the boss that comes down with the anchor, it gets pulled back. The rift disappears. Pretty awesome that it’s going to have that rift system, because that was my favorite part about Rift, was that proper random rifts that you can run out to with your guild. Something to look forward to.

Another information says, ‘Public dungeons and instance dungeon will be returning to the MMO scene. These dungeons will not be separated from the rest of the world.’ It’s going to have like public zones where you can go to with just random people. What else we got? The game also says, ‘The guilds are coming back.’ You’ve got the Fighter’s Guild, the Mage Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, and the Thieves’ Guild. At the moment, they’ve only released information about 2 guilds, and that’s the Fighter’s Guild and the Mage Guild.

On the Fighter’s Guild, what you have to do is find and destroy these dark anchors and giant hooks. That’s basically what I was talking about there. The more of those dark anchors that you destroy; you can join the Fighter’s Guild, which is pretty awesome.

‘For the Mage’s Guild, you have to search high and low for special law books hidden throughout Tamriel. They can be in the busiest cities or could be in the most desolate mines. It’s uncertain if the books will be randomly placed or set locations.’ It’s good that we’ve got a little bit of information about how to join the guilds.

There’s no information about the Dark Brotherhood yet, but I’m guessing it’s going to be PvP kills.

There’s no information about the Thieves’ Guild, but we do know that in the Elder Scrolls Online you can steal, so maybe it’s something to do with how much stealing you do; you get access to the Thieves’ Guild or even Vampire and Werewolve guide.. There’s no information as of yet as to what benefit you get from joining the guild. It’ll come in time.

Dreugh Battle

First Look to ESO Dragonknight and ESO Templar Skills

Dragonknight Skills

We know that there are definitely 2 confirmed classes in the Elder Scrolls Online. One is the Dragonknight class, which is supposed to be one of the most diverse classes. It basically allows you to play a tank, in which you can switch it into being an assassin or ranged damage-dealer. It’s basically just the class you want to pick if you’re unsure about what class to pick. It’s a good class to start with because you can branch off into other classes.

There is an ESO guide that has already confirmed the skills for the Dragon Knight. Fiery Reach, a tank skill, is a flaming chain that you send out to pull people towards you. You also get Slam, which is an ability that allows you to stun enemies and knock them down. Spiked Armor, which is a buff that surrounds your character, adds extra damage resistance and returns physical damage. You get Dragon Armor, an ultimate skill, which turns your character’s skin into molten rock and lava. This results to nearby enemies catching on fire and receiving burning damage.

elder dk

Templar Skills

You can also start as the Templar, which is being compared to the Paladin in the World of Warcraft. This class is like a warrior and healer in one.

Some skills confirmed for the Templar class include the Sun Strike, a Templar’s basic spell. Basically, it shoots out a big staff of light. Sunfire, a Templar ability, which is a medium-range attack that allows you to hit enemies with a blast of sunlight. Apparently, it looks similar to the fireball in Skyrim. Rush Ceremony is a Templar healing spell, and it allows you to restore part of your ally’s health. Apparently, the healing spell doesn’t have a cooldown either, which is not yet sure if game developers are going to iron that out because it sounds a bit weird. We still need to wait for further updates on this section as the game is still currently in Beta.

If you want more advanced information on Templar and Dragonknight skills, I have seen some pros shared their idea, build, and guide in this hidden teso community.